Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How Messy Should My Desk Be?

There seem to be lots of theories about this.  A prominent one is that your desk should look "busy" so that people think other people are hiring me and they want to hire me too.  Another one is that your desk should be empty so that people can see you are organized.  I think personality has a lot to do with what people's desks look like and doesn't really impact their performance at all, but I wonder if it impacts what people think of you.

My desk looks like the first option on steroids.  Any thoughts?

Update:  Corrected redneck grammar.


  1. I've seen you in your office (several of them now) and I'm of the opinion that it doesn't seem messy. I would be concerned with what is on your desk, as opposed to how much of it there is. Does a folder have someone's name on it? File it. I have never seen things like this at your office, but that would be my primary concern. I have seen you go from "clutter/busy" to completely bare desk in less than 60 seconds without the use of a trash can, because you actually are oganized and know where everything should be. That's my opinion, for what it is worth.

  2. You flatter me. I know lawyers (and other people who work at desks) whose work spaces are much worse, but mine typically stays pretty messy (and that's not really going to change).

    My interest in it is from a first impression point-of-view; do most people like to see a messy desk or a clean desk all other things being equal?