Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why You Should be Represented by Counsel in Your Uncontested Divorce

Divorce is a serious legal matter even in the best of cases.  You need representation to ensure that you get what you're entitled to even if the matter seems to be amicable.

Example: This is a nice lady I'm representing in a post-divorce modification proceeding.  Her ex-husband is an employee for a large municipality and he gets relatively good compensation compared to the average Oklahoman.  Before their divorce, she stayed at home to raise their children.  She gained some weight from child-bearing, so he started sleeping around on her and eventually decided to divorce her because he liked an extra-skinny 18-year-old girl better.  So he got a lawyer and his lawyer drafted up a decree saying that he got to keep all the retirement accrued during the marriage, didn't need to support his now indigent (dirt poor) wife even temporarily, and that he only had to pay an extraordinarily low child support payment.  He got everything, but she didn't want to cause a row, or pay for a lawyer, so she just signed the papers hoping to keep things peaceful.  She didn't even get full custody of the kids even though she raised them alone while he was out screwing around.  She literally got nothing.  And now he's dragged her back into court to bully her over the kids based on this same crappy decree.

Take your divorce seriously.  If you don't know your rights you're gonna get the shaft and the worst part will be that you agreed to it.

That is all.

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